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5 Tips for UGC Success

Posted by Nishan Sothilingam on July 13, 2018

Retailers know that the path to purchase is complex. 

While over 75% of shoppers will start their product research on Amazon or Google, each shopperwill consult, on average, over 10 different sources before making a purchase. As consumers navigate a tangled web of social feeds, branded content, product reviews, and more, content overload threatens your brand's ability to reach and guide shoppers to your business.  

Leading retailers are solving this problem with user-generated content (UGC). Ratings, reviews, images, and other content created and submitted by buyers themselves bridges the gap between search and purchase by boosting organic search coverage and building consumer trust. Retailers who harness the power of UGC can see anincrease in discovery, brand advocacy, and conversion—online and in store. 

To achieve stronger ROI from UGC, brands need to optimize their efforts. One way to do this is 

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ResellerRatings’ Guide to Google My Business

Posted by Nishan Sothilingam on June 11, 2018

Online reviews play a huge part in the modern customer’s journey and supply the oxygen for your brand’s marketing strategy. Why? Because over 80% of consumers use a search engine when looking for info about a local business and since SEO looks for useful, original content first, reviews rank high. If you are not using a product reviews platform to aid your Google My Business profile and ranking, you’re cutting off part of your oxygen supply. 

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ResellerRatings’ Compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation

Posted by Nishan Sothilingam on May 30, 2018

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect May 25, 2018. ResellerRatings is committed and fully prepared to help clients meet all applicable GDPR requirements.

What is GDPR? 

The GDPR replaces a number of older regulations, establishing a single set of privacy rules that should make it easier for businesses to follow and, more importantly, give EU citizens new control over their personal data. Here’s some of what the law stipulates: 

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New research underscores how retailers can win with User-Generated Content (UGC)

Posted by Nishan Sothilingam on February 6, 2018

Check out our new UGC Insights infographic that keys into trends driving the social proof movement — based on survey data from over 40,000 shoppers across their store, web, and mobile experiences. 

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Cymax Group sets out to amplify UGC and reviews with ResellerRatings

Posted by ResellerRatings Blog on November 15, 2017

We're thrilled to share that Cymax Home Square Group Inc., a leader in online sales for all items home and office, recently selected ResellerRatings' Reviews Suite to help them achieve an optimal online shopping experience for customers by leveraging customer-generated content to amplify their reviews.

Cymax strives for ultimate customer satisfaction and has accordingly created an unmatched experience for customers with a simple e-commerce shopping solution. To further this initiative, Cymax plans to integrate Reviews Suite tools that will connect consumer-generated product images and Q&A to reviews, helping customers make better informed buying decisions and increasing conversion rates.

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3 Steps for Great Customer Service

Posted by Bradley Poole on November 9, 2017

Your business is making waves in all the right ways. Reviews are coming in and most of them are raving about how great of an experience the customer had. Sprinkled among those good reviews is the odd negative review that points out ways in which your business can improve. These reviews should not be ignored and should be addressed thoughtfully.

As you scroll through your reviews, take a breath. Every company receives the odd piece of negative feedback, even those that have overwhelmingly positive reviews. But how can you turn “Never buying anything from here ever again!” into “They solved my issue and I am now buying the whole catalog!”? Below are three steps for tackling and responding to these reviews.

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User-generated content just got easier: Introducing the new ResellerRatings Reviews Suite!

Posted by Nishan Sothilingam on September 26, 2017

ResellerRatings has some big news: The ratings and reviews platform you know and trust is expanding to be so much more. The new platform’s capabilities provide your business with an end-to-end digital marketing solution that can meet all of your user-generated content (UGC) needs — in one integrated suite. 

Introducing the ResellerRatings Reviews Suite.

The Reviews Suite helps you collect and manage UGC, verified ratings, consumer reviews, images, and more — all from one single solution. It's a whole new platform with powerful, end-to-end capabilities that help your customers tell their stories about your brand, and help you leverage that information. These capabilities are so important right now because of three overlapping trends that make UGC the leading edge of digital marketing: 

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Spoilers: ResellerRatings planning big product update for the post-search discovery era

Posted by Nishan Sothilingam on August 17, 2017

It's an exciting time at ResellerRatings.  The holiday shopping season is fast approaching, retailers are facing an even more competitive market, and shoppers are amping up their research on what (and where) to buy next.  We're excited to give you a glimpse of what ResellerRatings is working on for you this fall.

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Hayneedle taps ResellerRatings to manage consumer reviews and ratings

Posted by ResellerRatings Blog on August 16, 2017

We're happy to share that Hayneedle, a leading online retailer of indoor and outdoor home furnishings and décor, recently selected ResellerRatings to manage its consumer reviews and ratings. 

Hayneedle relies heavily on customer feedback, social media chatter, and reviews to drive traffic and increase conversion rates. Thus, ResellerRatings’ management platform will help Hayneedle in a variety of ways including, collecting a larger database of customer reviews and ratings; analyzing those reviews to meet customer needs and make better business decisions, and syndicate reviews from multiple search engines (such as Google and Bing) to improve SEO and keyword rankings, among other things. 

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How brand reviews open a dialogue between dating websites and singles

Posted by ResellerRatings Blog on July 17, 2017

Tapping a trusted, consumer brand reviews management solution has a variety of benefits, including attracting hopeful singles seeking romance to an online dating service as well as finding out how those singles feel about a particular site.  

With ResellerRatings, operators of dating services can strengthen their own relationship with customers, as's Hayley Matthews explains in a wonderful recently published profile piece. 

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