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Having consumers make purchases with your store requires an excellent knowledge of the products, easy navigation, and most importantly, a healthy number of good product reviews from peers.

Are product reviews really the most important factor? Really? Yes. Even though your business beat out Amazon and the competition in Google and Bing, converting visits into sales isn’t easy, mostly because customers’ expectations are much higher for product pages. By that I mean consumers want all their worries absolved and questions answered about buying a product they can’t touch or examine. In other words, you’re fighting against buyer insecurity, and product reviews are your best bet for overcoming this.

That said, people don’t just appreciate product reviews, in this day and age they expect them. A whopping 90% of buying decisions are influenced by reviews. It’s safe to say that these consumers will most likely abandon your site before they put anything in the shopping cart if they don’t see reviews.

Sales benefits of Product Reviews

Of course improving trust among customers and potential customers via product reviews are a great benefit. But it’s far from the only positive impact product reviews can provide to you. Studies have shown a 10% increase  in orders that have just one single review on the product page. (This stat alone proves without a doubt that shoppers want and need reviews to build confidence that they’re making the right purchase decision.) And for product pages with at least 30 reviews, orders increased by 25%!

Review management platforms & changing shopper expectations

With online shopping only getting more competitive, customers’ needs are only going to increase. Now is the time to not only get shoppers what they’re asking for (product reviews), but to do so in a way that’s optimized for both a superior customer experience and for maximized sales potential.

Make sure you’re able to display product reviews on your site in a seamless fashion so that it blends well with the rest of the page. (Nothing screams untrustworthy like a clunky product review widget that sticks out like a sore thumb.) That’s assuming you have reviews to begin with, which brings me to another valuable point: make it easy to collect product reviews from customers. They want to share their feedback with you, so give them the tools to make it easy and fun to share

In conclusion

In the end, let your customers sell for you by collecting product reviews and displaying them on your site to give shoppers the confidence to click BUY! A experienced review management platform like ResellerRatings is able to do all of this and more.

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