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ResellerRatings and TrustedSite: One Year Later


About a year ago now, ResellerRatings made the decision to join forces with TrustedSite. This partnership allows us to work hand-in-hand with brands to win the trust of new customers starting with Trusted Reviews. The Trusted Reviews certification allows their users to import their ResellerRatings profile into TrustedSite to display their star ratings on their certification modal.

Upon earning the certification, shoppers will be able to navigate your site to see that your brand has a proven track record of satisfying customers by simply clicking your trust marks. This makes it easy for new shoppers to use customer feedback and authentic shopping experiences to guide their buying decisions. Pushing that feedback into more avenues is another way brands and retailers provide value to unfamiliar consumers.

For example, the value that TheRTAStore finds from populating their ResellerRatings reviews into their TrustedSite profile has been immense. CEO of TheRTAStore, Tyler Ackerman says,

“I can’t imagine how difficult winning over new shoppers would be without the customer feedback ResellerRatings collects. The fact that we can share that onto our TrustedSite page provides us with the power to turn even the biggest skeptics into loyal shoppers.”

Tyler Ackerman


Introducing Business Highlights

Since the battle to earn the trust of new shoppers never ends, we’re proud to announce a brand-new feature that helps customers let their guard down when doing their research. That new feature is Business Highlights, which are displayed right on your storefront. Using this new section on the storefront, brands can display the TrustedSite certifications they’ve earned.

Imagine the impact that could have on unfamiliar or suspicious shoppers! Whenever new shoppers navigate to your storefront, Business Highlights can divulge the important details about the perks of shopping with your brand like 2-day shipping, or signify that a secure checkout process is in place, accompanied by security certifications from a trusted third party.

TrustedSite users with a ResellerRatings storefront should ensure that they’ve integrated it with their account so they can begin sharing their star ratings on their certification modals. Once that’s been completed, there’s nothing else to be done. Users will see their TrustedSite certified status auto-populate into the Business Highlights section of their ResellerRatings storefronts. Using Business Highlights makes it even easier for shoppers to find out what type of shopping experience to expect.

Direct-to-consumer medical supplier 1800Cpap has already been using Business Highlights to set the right expectations for their customers. CEO of 1800Cpap Mark Hixson says,

“Customers won’t buy from us if they don’t have faith that we’ve previously delivered for other shoppers. Having our certified status displayed directly on our storefront really helps drive our reputability home to people who have never shopped with us before.”

Mark Hixson

TrustedSite users without a ResellerRatings account – what are you waiting for?! Claim your free profile today, because you may have already had visitors provide feedback about their experience with your brand that should be monitored accordingly.

Along with the ability to monitor conversations about your brand, claiming your storefront can also serve as a resource that provides reassurance to new shoppers that your brand is one that can be trusted. Providing consumers with confidence in the fact that they’ll receive a safe, secure shopping experience is a big part of the rationale that went into the release of Business Highlights according to ResellerRatings CRO, Bradley Poole.

“Being able to give shoppers confidence that sites are safe and recommended by their peers, is key for retailers focused on the digital transformation. That’s why with the launch of our Business Highlights, we’ve taken our partnership with TrustedSite one step further” he says.

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