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ResellerRatings now integrates Star Ratings into Google My Business

By now we all know that consumer ratings and reviews increase visibility, consumer trust, and conversion for businesses. But how and where these ratings and reviews are available to shoppers can matter greatly. 


Well today we’re very excited to announce that businesses who are using ResellerRatings to collect and manage reviews on their website will now see those Star Ratings show up in their Google My Business listing (aka those local listings that appear in the bottom right of a search results screen when you search a retailer with a brick-and-mortar presence). This comes in addition to having our clients’ reviews and ratings appear in organic search, paid ads, and Google Shopping.  

ResellerRatings star reviews appear on web and mobile, so even customers on the go can gain trust in a local business by reading verified reviews and ratings. And considering that merchants with review ratings above 4 stars see 42% improvement to conversion rates (according to a recent Pricefalls study), the addition of Star Ratings in Google My Business is a huge win for our clients.

ResellerRatings systematic approach to the management of ratings and reviews allows local merchants to:

  • Improve consumer trust and increase consideration. 92% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, and good reviews increase their confidence in your brand and products. After all, 88% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation.
  • Collect both brand and product reviews. Many companies collect one or the other, but both are critical to success.  
  • Improve onsite conversion rates. One online review per product can result in a 10% increase in conversions to sale; in comparison, thirty reviews per product can generate a 25% conversion boost. 
  • Increase review volume. ResellerRatings helps merchants capture large volumes of verified brand and product reviews. More reviews mean higher star ratings, both of which contribute to increased consumer confidence and higher conversion rates. 
  • Analyze review content. Use the content from ratings and reviews to identify key topics, trends, and issues over time. Close the loop with your customers, and let them know they were heard. 
  • Compare store performance. ResellerRatings allows merchants to manage ratings and reviews for your virtual presence as well as your physical locations. With our hiercarchy management tool, our clients can compare and benchmark performance by looking at a leaderboard that shows how district, statewide, and national performance compares.  

So whether your customers are shopping online or ready to head to a store, they always have access to verified, authentic reviews written by your customers. For more information about what ResellerRatings can offer your business, contact us or better yet, schedule a demo!

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