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Research shows that customer reviews for brands and products drives conversion, boosts purchases, increases loyalty, and improves reputations — assuming your customers are seeing a compelling review when searching online.

A blandly displayed review listing can easily be overlooked when it isn’t distinguished from other search engine results. At ResellerRatings, we keep up with the latest research on what kinds of search results attract the most attention, and  we’ve worked hard to present the most impactful experience possible. Reviews managed by ResellerRatings offer greater visibility by including star ratings as well as a superior use of screen real estate. In fact, ResellerRatings reviews are the only reviews to command substantial space in search listings. Here’s how we do it.

Star Ratings Matter

Reviews managed by ResellerRatings allow search engines to display a 5-star rating average, which matters a lot to many shoppers. In fact, many consumers never look further than the star ratings when researching or deciding on a purchase! Star ratings are especially important for new products, expensive items, and unfamiliar brands because they convey an implied endorsement, even if the consumer doesn’t read the review. On top of that, 58% of consumers pay the most attention to overall star ratings, so having them included in review listings is indispensable. Part of this is due to the broad understanding of a 5-star rating system to assess quality for a wide variety of reviews, as they are easy to understand for most consumers.

Need another reason? Our research shows that many retailers get a 17% bump in traffic, and up to a 30% increase in conversion when star ratings show up in brand and product search ad listings.

Review Listings With Greater Appeal & More Screen Real Estate

Unlike other consumer reviews management platforms, ResellerRatings listings don’t stop with just an overall 5-star rating. ResellerRatings is the only platform that lets Google crawl for additional data to display specific star ratings for subcategories of the customer experience, such as customer service, pricing, shipping, return policies, etc. — making ResellerRatings listings more prominent, comprehensive, detailed, and appealing.

The added screen real estate that comes from including this ResellerRatings benchmark data into review listings means consumers trust your results over other search listings, too. Businesses, therefore, can effectively control more of their SEO real estate space with our tools and increase conversion.

Better Review Listings on Mobile & Desktop

Considering how mobile usage has spiked in the last few years, ResellerRatings displays both star ratings and these more detailed reviews in listings for Google desktop and mobile search engine as well.

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