Three Can’t-Miss Tips for Managing User Generated Content

After overcoming the obstacle of collecting user generated content comes the challenge of managing it. Similar to collecting UGC, there are several ways to go about making the most of the insight it has to offer. Retailers hoping to make the maximize the content collected from customers benefit from having a solution that makes collecting, sharing and analyzing it simple. Some tips on how a

Four Reasons Why User Generated Content is a Must-Have

Shopping online can get complicated, especially when it comes to products or brands shoppers are unfamiliar with. Retailers who make the shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible are more likely to win new customers than ones who don’t. One of the most effective ways to create an overall easier shopping experience is by emphasizing user-generated content. Not only

Holiday Wrap Up: How UGC Changed the Holiday Shopping Experience in 2020

Holiday shopping over the last year challenged both retailers and customers to think outside of the box to create the holiday magic of years past. Since fears of the Coronavirus kept lots of shoppers from going into stores, it was up to retailers to bring stores to shoppers. Retailers who had a strategy for leveraging user-generated content had a much easier

How Negative Reviews Can Play a Positive Role in Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Providing the right expectation for shoppers starts with ratings and reviews, even the not so good ones. When shopping online, do you read the negative reviews about a product or brand? If so, they probably helped provide a good expectation of what to expect from the retailer, in the best- and worst-case scenarios. Providing this type of customer insight is pivotal in the

How an Omni Channel Strategy Benefits Retailers During the Holidays

2020 was a year unlike any other, and the holiday shopping season is likely to follow suit. Retailers with a strategy for creating and sustaining connections with shoppers are poised to exceed not only their sales goals, but their customer expectations as well during the holidays. With the pandemic still taking its toll, shoppers are

Why Customer Reviews Are Make or Break During the Holidays

With the number of online shoppers destined to reach all-time highs this holiday shopping season, the role of ratings and review platforms is more vital than ever. The good news for retailers is that spending during the 2020 holiday shopping season is expected to be around the pre-pandemic levels of last year’s holiday season. Although competition will

How Multimedia in Customer Reviews Adds Authenticity to the Shopping Experience

It’s a tall task for retailers to ask customers to purchase an item they can’t see – especially from someone they don’t know. Online shopping scams are increasing rapidly which makes authenticity a bigger priority than ever when it comes to customers deciding they’ll buy from. Retailers who have a thorough understanding of the benefits of multimedia within customer reviews have a clear advantage over those

Tips for E-commerce Success During Covid

Think about some of your favorite places to shop during the holidays. What makes the shopping experience memorable or special? Retailers capable of creating highly personalized experiences are typically the most successful not only during the holidays, but year-round. Personalizing the shopping experience is key for retailers in gaining those coveted 5-star reviews, too. Nowadays, online shopping is all about the shared connection between shoppers and the

How to Make User Generated Content (UGC) a Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Are you aware that over 4 billion users across the globe log onto social media platforms daily? The influence of social media is rapidly increasing, which is the main reason why a social media content strategy should be a part of any serious retailer’s marketing plans. While dealing with the challenges of sales, customer service and all the other day-to-day curveballs life throws, how can retailers still manage an


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