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Hello, Checkout Survey 2.0 (upgrade)

The Instant Survey is dead, long live the Checkout Survey. So this isn’t just a naming convention change on our platform, but a full-on update to our classic Instant Survey (loom video – 4 mins).

First some backstory, the Checkout Survey is really designed for two things

  1. Get great quality review content that converts fast
  2. Doesn’t take up an email touchpoint for your customers that you can use for other things

With the Google changes basically saying that Checkout Surveys no longer qualify for Google Reviews (they want after fullfillment, so basically EAP (Email after purchase which you can turn on in your settings) – we still heard a lot of clients really loved being able to collect quality content without competing with other touchpoints (feedback surveys, other review systems, loyalty initiatives, etc). The core reason is that Checkout Reviews are really done POINT OF SALE. Google does not like this, but if you’re not invested in Google Ads too much or already qualify through other means – it’s a great way to collect feedback for your on-site conversion FAST.

Better, faster, converting Checkout Surveys

We’ve streamlined the visuals of the system to be less distracting. To focus folks on writing a review as opposed to wording around it. The new system is clean, modern, and fits into any brand super well.

We’ve updated the stars to our new star branding which is bright and bold, and will start to pass on through most of ResellerRatings. Other elements have been polished off, like the thank you page experience, more interactive button elements, and spit and polish.

New workflows

We wanted to make it easier to transition a checkout survey to a full-fledged email after purchase survey to qualify for Google Seller Ratings.

The simplest way to do that, is by simply giving a customer THE CHOICE to hold their review until further. We’ve made this really obvious with a big button. So if someone clicks on that, they will automatically OPT IN to the Google Qualifying EAP method.

It’s a change that takes into account the best of both worlds. Fast review collection, but also BETTER quality reviews that cover the spectrum of fulfillment.

Now, we highly recommend to ALL clients to migrate over to EAP, but with us, we wanted to build a highly versatile solution to take into account different business goals.

In addition to being able to split EAP and Instant Survey distributions, we’re also adding the new ‘I’ll leave a review when I get the delivery’.

We’ve re-modeled the visuals behind our checkout surveys to make it more streamlined, easier to take, and easier to process for reviewers. We’ve added a series of great workflow changes behind it to give customers the options to take a review NOW (not Google qualified), vs After Fulfillment (Google Qualified). This allows for both fast review collection as well as some of those reviews getting into Google.


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