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It’s no secret that people want as simple a shopping experience as possible. By emphasizing an omnichannel approach, the path to creating an experience that caters to the wants and needs of customers becomes easier for retailers to navigate. Additionally, creating an omnichannel approach adds opportunity for retailers to be able to showcase the experience of customers. More benefits of emphasizing an omnichannel approach include: 

Prioritizing Brand Visibility

The competition retailers face nowadays is fierce. In order to appear on a level playing field with competitors, creating high brand visibility is crucial. Place yourself in the shoes of a shopper. After recently buying a new TV from a local retailer because of the great feedback you’ve seen about them on social media, the next step in setting up the home theatre of your dreams is to find a new accompanying soundbar. After some time passes, the retailer you bought the television from sends you an email that offers a discount on sound systems which is exactly what you need. Now, directly from your email you can navigate to the retailer’s website which will allow you to purchase the soundbar and get it delivered to your door or pick it up in person.  

Before you know it, you have the home theatre you’ve always wanted without the stress of worrying about quality of the products, pricing surprises or delivery – all thanks to the omnichannel approach of the retailer. By entrusting the voice of your brand on social media to your customers and staying engaged via email in between transactions, it’s easier to remain at the top of a customer’s mind. 

One of the easiest ways for a retailer to remain at the top of a customer’s mind is through meaningful communications with customers when and where it’s convenient for them. Communicating with customers on multiple mediums allows for retailers to provide messaging that resonates with them based on where they are in their buying journey.  

Presenting a Consistent Message to Shoppers

A commitment to an omnichannel strategy helps solves some of the biggest obstacles retailers are currently faced with. Studies show 87% of customers are of the belief that brands should work to deliver a more consistent experience. The role of an omnichannel strategy in helping build brand consistency can’t be overstated. By employing an omnichannel strategy, retailers can relay their message to customers as it relates to their path on their buying journey.

For example, a customer who just submitted their name on an email subscriber list is more than likely going to require different messaging than a customer who’s made several purchases from a retailer. Although the messaging they receive would vary, the brand’s values should still be reflected the exact same, further reinforcing them to the customer. Presenting a consistent image to customers across all mediums helps retailers increase their revenues while eliminating any uncertainty about who a brand is and what it stands for. Research shows one of the biggest consequences of a lack of brand consistency is the confusion it causes. 

An omnichannel marketing strategy can additionally help eliminate any confusion during a customer’s shopping process. Let’s say for example you’re scrolling through Facebook and you see a retailer post a status advertising a sale, along with a link to the store. Upon clicking on the link, you land on a unique landing page asking for your email address in exchange for a discount exclusive to Facebook users. After entering your email, you land on the store’s product page and notice the discount has been added to your card. Although you didn’t plan on buying anything, the offer is just too good to pass up! By creating a seamless shopping environment on each of the channels used to communicate with the shopper, the omnichannel approach helps everyone involved. 

Providing an Efficient, Streamlined Experience

Did you know convenience is one of the three main reasons millennial and Gen-Z shoppers choose to shop with an online retail brand? By providing a simple, painless shopping experience, retailers place themselves in the good graces of one of the most sought-after shopping demographics. The process of constructing a highly effective omnichannel strategy starts with having the resources in place that present an accurate depiction of what shoppers can expect out of a retailer. Studies show the best way to communicate with potential customers on a level that resonates with them is through user generated content. 

Part of creating a streamlined experience is by making the information customers need to make a purchase as accessible and influential as possible, which is where UGC comes into play. There’s a wide range of ways retailers choose to go about collecting user generated content. Whether it’s from emphasizing the voice of the customer through allowing questions and answers on a product page, or by collecting photo and video reviews that bring a customer’s experience to life for a new customer, focusing on the voice and experience of customers is key to a strong omnichannel strategy. 

To get more info about the impact user-generated content can have on creating a strong omnichannel strategy, schedule a demo with an expert today. 

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