Which ResellerRatings Storefronts Have the Most Reviews?

Over the course of the last year, ResellerRatings has collected hundreds of thousands of reviews that have helped retailers strengthen their connection with customers. A high volume of reviews can impact retailers in numerous ways. Determining the effect of ratings and reviews starts by developing a good understanding of what a business has to offer, and how proper customer communication can put that service or product in front of customers in the most efficient way possible. As proven by the wide range of industries present on the ResellerRatings platform currently, there’s no industry where ratings and reviews don’t play a role in customer decision making.  
During 2020, several retailers collected over 20,000 reviews, each describing different details about the shopping experience with the respective retailer. Below, you’ll find the ResellerRatings members who collected the most reviews, and along with some details on how those reviews impact the experience of future shoppers.  

5. Bud’s Gun Shop

When it comes to shopping for firearms, a first-time shopper might have a hard-time making their own determination of what goes into making a smart purchase. This is exactly where ratings and reviews come into play. Let’s say you’ve made the decision to shop for a gun. After making your way over to the Bud’s Gun Shop website, you realize there’s more information that goes into it than you realize. Not having the recommendation of a friend or family member to guide your decision, you rely on the star ratings you see on the first page to lead you to your ideal firearm.  

Being reliant on the feedback you find, you simply choose to click on one of the guns you see that has over 40 reviews, along with a star rating of 4.5. Upon landing there, you also find several real conversations regarding questions around safety, legality, etc. Due to the conversations and reviews you’ve seen on the website, you now feel confident enough to pull the trigger on a purchase. Bud’s Gun Shop collected over 21,000 reviews during 2020 with roughly 95% of them being positive. Taking that into consideration along with their merchant member score of 4.74 leads you to believe this is a source worth trusting for such an important purchase. 

4. ProFlowers

Have you ever forgotten about a holiday or special occasion and needed to grab a gift in a hurry? Taking the stress out of making a great purchase is where ProFlowers stands out from the crowd. 

With Seller Ratings, shoppers can easily find feedback from fellow customers who are likely in a similar situation of trying to find a quick gift in a short amount of time with just a quick Google search. When shopping with a retailer that has Seller Ratings enabled like ProFlowers does, search engine results pages provide all the information necessary for making an informed purchase from product pictures, to recent, written reviews from shoppers who may have also been on the look for a gift at the last minute.  

During 2020, ProFlowers has collected over 27,000 reviews. Retailers who hold attracting and keeping more lifelong customers in high regard could benefit immensely from Seller Ratings. Ultimately, retailers like Pro Flowers who were able to capitalize on the benefits of Seller Ratings will be hoping to continue to successfully leverage the voices of their customers moving forward.  

3. FTD

Similar to it’s subsidiary ProFlowers, FTD also makes effective use of their Seller Ratings. Along with Seller Ratings, future customers can also learn about this retailer from their merchant member page on ResellerRatings. When a shopper is hoping to decide between two competing retailers, the member merchant page and store comparison tools are phenomenal resources designed to help make that decision as painless as possible. In FTD’s case, it’s easy to recognize the good impression they’ve had on customers due to the fact that 70.06% of their reviews were positive over the course of the last year. 

Collecting slightly more than 30,000 reviews during 2020, FTD was able to effectively use their member merchant page, along with Seller Ratings to communicate with prospective shoppers. Similar to FTD, any retailer working hard to earn a great reputation with shoppers should do everything in their power to use it to create new relationships.   

2. TargetSportsUSA 

When a retailer has a wide range of amazing products to offer, providing customers with the outlet to speak freely about them helps achieve a number of goals. In the case of TargetSportsUSA, it’s easy for potential customers to see exactly what to expect out of their shopping experience for a number of reasons. By enabling Seller Ratings, Product Reviews, along with Questions & Answers, shoppers are provided with insights they may not get from anywhere else. The idea of using ratings and reviews as a mechanism for building trust is also on display considering their 4.69 merchant member score. TargetSportsUSA collected just over 38,500 reviews during 2020 and appear to be on track to capitalize on that momentum this year.

Detailed product review with FAQs

With 94.5% of their reviews being positive, TargetSportsUSA has a quicker path to earning customer trust than competitors, and by providing so much user generated content from shoppers the likelihood of customers being pleased enough with their purchases to return is pretty high. Retailers who take advantage of their customer’s willingness to advocate on their behalf have the opportunity to appear more authentic than competitors which has its own wide range of benefits. 

TargetSportsUSA ResellerRatings Merchant Member Page
1. PatPat

If you’re unfamiliar with a certain product, it becomes that much harder to know who to trust when it comes to making a purchase you won’t regret. For example, buying the perfect gift for a baby shower might be difficult for someone without kids. Customers like this are exactly who retailers like PatPat attract with ease given their dynamic user generated content featuring both written and photo reviews, along with their 93% reply back rate on ResellerRatings. By being supplied with insight from both customers, along with the retailer itself, an otherwise uninformed shopper is likely going to be given all the resources necessary to feel confident making a purchase from a retailer in an industry they aren’t very familiar shopping in. 

Photo product reviews from happy PatPat shoppers

Another striking characteristic that helps distinguish their reputation is their impressive 91% rate of positive reviews among the roughly 47,500 reviews they received over the course of the last year. By providing shoppers with images and detailed customer reviews, retailers stand out by providing more transparency in the shopping experience of their customers. As displayed by their current efforts to collect more reviews, it’s likely they’ll continue to incorporate informative, vibrant examples of user generated content into their customer communication strategy. 

PatPat's ResellerRatings merchant member page.

Each retailer likely has different definitions of what their main pain points are when it comes to making the experience of their customers as seamless as possible. What each of the retailers listed has in common is the fact that they’ve each been able to close any potential gaps that exist in their shopping experience using the ResellerRatings suite in their own unique ways. For retailers, the first step to fixing any holes in the shopping experience of their customers is to provide an outlet where shoppers can express their experience, for better or worse, in a constructive way.

To learn more about the impact the ResellerRatings suite can have on your business, schedule a demo with one of our reps who are ready and waiting to answer your questions today. 

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