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The Role of Ratings and Reviews in Creating Personalized Customer Experiences

One of the most effective ways for a retailer to stand out in the mind of the customer is by providing them with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. When retailers place an emphasis on creating a personalized buying journey, it can have the same feeling as receiving concierge or white-glove service at a high-end department store or boutique. What some retailers may not realize is the role ratings and review platforms can play in helping to fully customize the shopping experience.  

Shoppers being able to quickly locate their favorite retailers, brands and products is one of the main benefits of individualizing the shopping experience. Being able to help unite customers with exactly what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it is just one example of how ratings and reviews helps make shopping that much easier for consumers. Some of the other ways include: 

  • Telling Stories Shoppers Can Relate To 
    The buyer’s journey begins with building trust. By displaying reviews that resonate with shoppers, retailers quickly set themselves apart from the competition. Studies show an overwhelming 93% of consumers are impacted by online reviews. Reviews become even more impactful when they contain pictures or video.  
    Have you ever decided against making a purchase for the sole reason that you aren’t sure how it’ll look or fit when the item arrives? One of the most effective ways of getting customers to gain enough trust to move forward with a purchase is through social proof.  
    Picture seeing an expensive couch online that you love, but you aren’t sure how it’ll look in your living room. Seeing a photo or a quick video of how the couch looks in a different customer’s home could be exactly what it takes to move forward with the purchase. A rating and reviews suite could additionally lead retailers to learning about problems they may have been unaware of that could affect buying decisions. 
  • Providing Quick Answers to Pain Points 
    One of the main reasons customers leave online reviews is to assist in the shopping experience of other customers. The ideal ratings and reviews solution allows for retailers to promote frequently asked questions and for customers to find content specifically geared towards the problem they’re hoping to solve. For instance, if you’ve ever bought a product from one retailer but didn’t have a good experience it might lead you to giving their competitor a try.  
    Not being familiar with the competitor, you go on their website to do some research and notice product reviews from different customers. To your surprise, you see the retailer answer a customer’s question which happens to be similar to yours.

    Seeing that transparency and getting a pressing question answered from an expert provides then provides you with enough trust to move forward with the purchase. Providing customers with all the information necessary to make a smart shopping decision is key to both a personalized and successful experience for everyone involved.  
    Another opportunity for retailers to find out about areas of improvement from a customer’s point of view is by engaging with negative reviews. Although it’s something no retailer aims for, negative reviews can serve as one of the fastest ways to learn about anything that may be lacking in the shopping experience. 
  • Properly Setting Customer Expectations  
    A shopper seeing mixed reviews and user-generated content that instills a sense of confusion will leave much different expectations than a retailer with nothing but glowing, five-star reviews, with UGC that generates a feeling of excitement about placing an order and receiving it. Ratings and reviews are helpful when it comes to setting the right expectations for a retailer because they provide authentic insight about the shopping experience only shoppers can provide. 

    Whenever retailers receive less than stellar reviews, they have the choice of resolving the problem in a transparent, friendly manner, ignoring it, or by responding unprofessionally. Seeing any of those responses in past interactions with customers help give customers an idea of what to expect from the retailer.  
    This is why retailers benefit from looking at negative reviews as an opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade. With the right dialogue following a negative review, retailers can save relationships with upset customers while simultaneously earning new ones along the way.  
    Ratings and reviews are a cornerstone of personalizing the shopping experience. Those experiences lead to long-term happy customers. Research shows 78% of customers say that a ratings and reviews platform contributed to a successful purchase. To learn more about the way a ratings and review platform can help lead to increase the overall satisfaction of your shoppers, click the link below!
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