Tips for E-commerce Success During Covid

Think about some of your favorite places to shop during the holidays. What makes the shopping experience memorable or special? Retailers capable of creating highly personalized experiences are typically the most successful not only during the holidays, but year-round. Personalizing the shopping experience is key for retailers in gaining those coveted 5-star reviews, too. Nowadays, online shopping is all about the shared connection between shoppers and the brand or products. 

One of the biggest challenges brought on by Covid is providing each customer with a unique experience of their own. Fortunately for retailers, there are a number of ways to create an impactful, personalized online shopping experience for customers. 

Emphasize Social Proof:  

Before Covid, do you recall having the option to try on that jacket or pair of jeans in a dressing room? Remember looking in the mirror and feeling that sense of accomplishment once you see that you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for? Customer photos can have that exact same effect on most customers.  

Let’s say for example your customer sees a new jacket, but they aren’t exactly sure how it’ll fit. They take their time doing research and notice a few product reviews about the jacket, but nothing super insightful catches their eye. They keep strolling, until suddenly they come across a product review with a photo of someone with their likeness wearing the jacket. Once they see that customer photo, along with the well-written review of the jacket, they have enough reassurance to move forward with the purchase. 

Without the opportunity to try something on in the mall like before Covid, it’s up to retailers to provide customers with the next best option. Ratings and reviews are a key to holiday success for both retailers and their customers. Studies show 78% of prospective buyers who read reviews before making a purchase end up becoming happy customers.  

Customize Communication to Customers

Let’s take a moment to pretend we’re in a pre (or post) pandemic world. Your customer is at their favorite electronics store shopping for a new television. While taking some time to think, they overhear another shopper ask one of the store associates one of the same questions they had in mind. Product reviews can work in a similar fashion for online shoppers this holiday season.  

Ratings and reviews platforms have the option to allow both fellow shoppers to answer customer questions, along with the merchants themselves. In fact, there’s increasing incentive for merchants to respond to reviews whenever possible since more than half of customers expect responses from merchants within seven days or less.  

Stand Out from the Crowd: 

What is your plan for differentiating your brand from your competitors? Better yet – who can explain what makes your brand stand apart from the competition? You guessed it! The answer is your customers. Let’s say you’re comparing two different restaurants for dinner tonight. Your choices are between a recently opened nearby chain restaurant and a local delicacy you’ve only heard about from friends.  

Since you’re undecided, you decide to Google search both restaurants and notice rave five-star reviews for the local restaurant and mixed reviews for the national chain. Based on your findings, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll be trying out the local spot your friends can’t stop talking about. 

Within the 18-34 age range, 91% of customers trust product reviews as much as personal recommendations, and over 90% of shoppers overall say online reviews make an impact on their final buying decisions. The retailers who have a plan for collecting and pushing consumer reviews are on the fast track to success this holiday season.  

Don’t let the holidays come and go without taking full advantage of the benefits of a highly effective ratings and reviews platform. 

With the holiday shopping season already in full swing, it’s not too late to get more insight on how a ratings and review platform could benefit you. For more information, get in touch with a representative today. 

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