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ResellerRatings will be down for planned maintenance on

  • Oct 27th from 9 pm Mountain Time to 2 am Mountain Time.
  • or 8 pm to 1 am PST
  • 11 pm to 4 am EST

What we’re doing

We are embarking on a large infrastructure switch over and provisioning in AWS, as well as the migration of our software stack to the most updated versions to improve the overall site efficiency.

What can we expect to happen?

Reviews during this period will stop collecting, however, if you have reviews in the processing queue, they will be slightly delayed by the outage time. will be off-line under maintenance including all functionality and access to the site and portal.

Javascript and display on-site will be temporarily down until the site is back up and running in full. This should not cause any issues on client sites other than the rendering content not being available. This includes things such as Product Review Display, Write a review functionality on-site as well as widgets display.

API functionality – API response will return blank. if clients have not enabled good practice for the API, such as caching data properly and coding defensively, this may cause issues with your site.

Thank you as we go through this maintenance process.

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  • need a few days to make final order w/ FFF dealer for shipment. Thanks
    due to coronavirus covid dealer store limitations here in New York State.
    Thanks, Jack Bailie

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