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At ResellerRating’s part of our team’s effort is to continuously help shoppers answer the question ‘what is the best place to buy goods and services from’.  We’re always looking at innovative ways in which we can service that ultimate goal.  Shopping has changed drastically within the past five years.  We’ve seen several major movements, such as big-box retailers relying on online e-commerce, the connection between digital search and in-store traffic growth, local search uptick, the increase of e-commerce growth ad spending year over year, as well as the commoditization of the rating and review.  

For this reason, we wanted to take things further and be the first to do so.  Sometimes all 4-5 star ratings look all the same.  But we know experiences can differ drastically from one store to the next regardless of general high-level customer satisfaction.  Sometimes a rating capture and initial experience, sometimes it represents a whole cycle of browsing, purchase, to return.  When you buy from a vendor, you’re not just buying their product, you’re buying into their brand and their promise.  

That’s why we launched the Policy Box.   Over 38 icons representing more details about a merchant.   A centralized place where you can see what experiences you buy into from a customer perspective.  What are returns like?  What are your options?  Does one retailer have the same product but a way better return policy?  What do merchants do with your privacy – do they respect GDPR or more recently CCPA which protects your privacy as a consumer?

The bingo board of policy badges represents what we’re collecting and building.  It’s a work in progress, it’s going to get better over time.  Soon you’ll be able to SEARCH and filter retailers based on their Policies!  Want to find retailers who PRICE MATCH?  What about Retailers that BEAT Price Matches?  What are the limits of that price match?  We answer all these questions here.  

We’ve broken it down into four main areas

  1. Ordering and Shipping – What shipping options do they have?
  2. Security – How well does a vendor protect your purchases as well as your privacy?
  3. Pricing and Payment – What payments and pricing policies do they tout to bring you over as a loyal customer?
  4. Refunds – If you’re not happy with a product, how do they guarantee your peace of mind?

We’re excited to transition over to an expanded story, a new ResellerRatings, and new opportunities to Discover.   

CEO of ResellerRatings

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