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COVID-19, retailers and community – Staying strong

As you are all aware, COVID‑19 has created an unprecedented and dynamic environment.

We’ve been keeping our ears close to the ground listening to retailers and getting a better understanding of how the current situation with COVID-19 is affecting them, their families and their businesses.  Our hearts go out to everyone as they go through this. The big question we had on our mind at ResellerRatings is what could we do to help?

We understand, all our reviewers, retailers are probably very stressed out during these uncertain times.  As your business’s try to navigate through these new challenges, we’re here to help you get your name out, especially as more people turn to online shopping to get what they need for their families.  


During these times, nothing is more important than community and family.  We’ve been donating to local food banks (Cleveland food bank), serving over 8,000 meals to those who need it the most during these times.  We encourage everyone to do what they can to make life a bit easier for others. Whether it’s social distancing, or simply giving whatever donation you can.   We hope small efforts like this can ease the burden and get people back to normalcy in some capacity.   If you’re interested in supporting the local area – please consider donating efforts to feed others here (opens new window) or at your local food bank. 

Remote working for our Team – Family First

We instituted remote working pretty early on.  Our time is nimble enough to transition to this fairly easily, and we were already a very pro-remote work environment.  But the extra layer of scuttling our Cleveland headquarters to work from home for the next while will hopefully assist our brave frontline workforce.    We also believe that the institution of remote work will also lessen the chances of the spread between commuting, families, etc.  

We’ve also implemented flexible working hours for team members who need time to get a break, deal with mental stress, and go out and get groceries or assist others who can’t if they have the opportunity to do it safely.  


Level of Service

Our team’s level of service is on full throttle as we continue to develop, work with retailers one-on-one as well as implement a whole host of new features for our review base and users.  

We haven’t slowed down one bit, and we’re excited to continue to provide amazing value for the best price point.   Reviewers – we’re continuing to measure experience, roll out better tools, a better front-end. We’re excited about new features around policy measurement, sentiment and more.   We know purchasing decisions matter more now than ever when budgets are tight. Our commitment is to get you the best data out there possible and arrange it in a way that helps you make purchasing decisions.  We’re here for all of you.

It can be a challenge when you see sales drop, publishing channels shift and change, buying habits reduce, etc.  More people are in front of a computer than ever right now, working, connecting in all sorts of ways. We’re always here to help you through your marketing challenges, your growth challenges, and even give you advice.  Call us, send us an email on support@resellerratings, if you have any questions about your services, and how we can help you succeed.  

Stay safe.

Nishan Sothilingam


CEO of ResellerRatings

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