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How a ratings and reviews vendor can help win over first-time shoppers

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Business leaders hoping to improve first-time shopper conversion may spend a lot of time focusing on improving usability, adding new shopping features, and the like. But one of the best ways to win over new consumers at this stage is through collecting and syndicating consumer ratings and reviews. Going at it alone can be difficult, as competition is fierce and those with the biggest marketing budgets can dominate search engine results and outperform rivals with massive advertising campaigns, which is why tapping a reviews vendor can be a very smart move.

The value of making a good first impression via search

First, let’s acknowledge that for nearly any business, the value of grabbing new customers through organic search engine results provides huge long-term value.

First-time buyers are influenced heavily by consumer ratings and reviews, but simply having those available doesn’t guarantee they’ll make it through the checkout experience — or even that they’ll make it to your site from the search page. These people are nervous about making a purchase from a brand or business they previously may not have heard of, so making sure ratings and reviews are included in search results can make a huge difference. But winning through Google and Bing is no easy task.

Fighting back against complaint sites

Unfortunately, there are additional factors that may hurt your chances of grabbing new business via search. One of those is a full-scale SEO battle with consumer complaint sites, which have spent years collecting reviews from angry customers to put on display for those doing research about a particular product, brand, or store. Of course, these complaint sites paint a horrible picture of your business and very likely distort your ability to convince them later on that you’re able to provide quality goods and services.

Bad reviews hurt retailers more than many realize because these are actual buyers looking for reasons not to buy from you. For example, 21.9% of first-time shoppers will be deterred from buying from a retailer or brand if they read just one search result linking to negative feedback. That percentage skyrockets to 59% if they encounter three or more links to unflattering feedback.

Why brand review vendors can turn the tide for search results

The reality is, the aforementioned scenario is very likely playing out for your business right now. It’s time to go on the offensive by taking a proactive approach against these complaint sites instead of letting them dictate the first impression of your business to potential customers.

To win this new SEO battle, you’ll need to enlist a trusted Google review partner that has high SEO rankings and can use what are called as “push down tactics.” Partnering with a brand review vendor gives your business a stamp of approval from a certified Google partner for hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews that give a true representation of the business, brand, product, or service. Customers will then have the ability to read these great reviews from actual customers, not just the ones that had a bad experience. This how and when you’re able to build trust and the foundation of a long term and loyal customer.

Curious about how you can fight back against complaint sites and reclaim the ability to make a good impression with potential customers finding you via Google and Bing? As a seasoned Brand Review Vendor, ResellerRatings can be first line of defense. Contact a ResellerRatings representative today for a free demo.

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