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ResellerRatings’ Compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation


The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect May 25, 2018. ResellerRatings is committed and fully prepared to help clients meet all applicable GDPR requirements.

What is GDPR? 

The GDPR replaces a number of older regulations, establishing a single set of privacy rules that should make it easier for businesses to follow and, more importantly, give EU citizens new control over their personal data. Here’s some of what the law stipulates: 

  • EU citizens have the right to know and request details about what information any business possesses about them 
  • They also have the right to withdraw prior consent or have that information erased 
  • Businesses must provide immediate notification about any data breach that could “result in a risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals” 

The regulation has effects far beyond the EU, impacting any business that interacts with European citizens around the world and establishes new roles and strict processes around enforcement.  

ResellerRatings and the GDPR 

ResellerRatings partners with clients to manage GDPR requirements, help them simplify compliance, and offer enhanced methods for locating and permanently deleting personal data. ResellerRatings ensures that all data is secure, and we pledge to help clients manage the new GDPR requirements. This includes retrieving and permanently deleting the personal data we are trusted with processing. 

How ResellerRatings protects data  

We believe that trust is a vital element of customer experience. Through comprehensive and always evolving practices, we make privacy and security foundational to ResellerRatings’ tools and solutions. From complying with industry-specific requirements, to meeting regional and global security standards, you can trust ResellerRatings to treat data and personal information with great care. uses various encryption protocols to provide layers of protection. The data belongs to and is controlled by our customers for deletion and ResellerRatings does not sell or otherwise use the data for any other purpose. Only clients of ours who use our services to collect review content can see information reviewers have passed on from their purchase experience, such as invoices, etc. This is to prevent review fraud and get verified, real content for other shoppers.  

Read more about Trust and Ethics at ResellerRatings.

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