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User-generated content just got easier: Introducing the new ResellerRatings Reviews Suite!


ResellerRatings has some big news: The ratings and reviews platform you know and trust is expanding to be so much more. The new platform’s capabilities provide your business with an end-to-end digital marketing solution that can meet all of your user-generated content (UGC) needs — in one integrated suite. 

Introducing the ResellerRatings Reviews Suite.

The Reviews Suite helps you collect and manage UGC, verified ratings, consumer reviews, images, and more — all from one single solution. It’s a whole new platform with powerful, end-to-end capabilities that help your customers tell their stories about your brand, and help you leverage that information. These capabilities are so important right now because of three overlapping trends that make UGC the leading edge of digital marketing: 

  1. It’s increasingly difficult to catch and keep customers’ attention.  
  2. You need to be everywhere in order to be seen and noticed.  
  3. Customers trust each other more than they trust brand-generated content. 
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Reviews Suite Tools 

The Reviews Suite will supercharge your brand discovery and conversion, helping customers find you, feel confident in choosing you, and enable them to be loyal advocates in their own right. To make that happen, the platform includes: 

  • Seller Ratings: Inspire confidence and motivate sales with the most trusted seller ratings for your online store or local brick-and-mortar location. Seller ratings give you visibility in all major search channels, maximizing your SEM budget and SEO impact. 
  • Product Reviews: Turn visitors into buyers, and gain customer trust with product reviews that improve SEO and keyword ranking. Integrate product reviews with seller ratings and local reviews for even more power.  
  • Visual Marketing: Let customers upload images to their stories, creating more impact with other customers and a better connection to your brand. Social proof is more effective when it’s visual: When someone is raving about a dress, let’s see a picture of them in that dress. As they wax poetic about their new kitchen mixer, let’s see what they made with it. These images, in conjunction with the words and stories your customers tell about your brand and products, will be the best marketing you could ever get. And it’s all driven by machine learning that organizes everything automatically.  
  • Q&A Functionality: Enable users to ask questions on product pages — How big is it? Does it run big or small? How long does it last? Asking questions makes shoppers more likely to buy, as do the resulting answers and testimonials from loyal customers, who are the real experts on your products. This gives social control back to your own product pages to increase conversions in a huge way, while also building your digital content library of customer experiences. 
  • Local Reviews: Help customers check out reviews on the go and power foot traffic through search discovery engines. Our local, mobile approach to syndicating your ratings and reviews data into key search channels allows customers to find your store when they’re nearby. Moreover, you’ll be able to track what people are saying about your whole organization and know the leaders and laggards by geographic region, state, districts, and more. 

With Reviews Suite, ResellerRatings now offers the only solution providing an end-to-end connected experience that can help a wide variety of organizations — from B2B companies and small- to mid-sized retailers to Fortune 500 businesses like Target, Home Depot, and more.    

We hope you’re as excited as we are about what’s in store. To learn more, contact us at We’ll answer all of your questions and get you started with Reviews Suite.  


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