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Spoilers: ResellerRatings planning big product update for the post-search discovery era

It’s an exciting time at ResellerRatings.  The holiday shopping season is fast approaching, retailers are facing an even more competitive market, and shoppers are amping up their research on what (and where) to buy next.  We’re excited to give you a glimpse of what ResellerRatings is working on for you this fall.

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One of the biggest trends retailers have to contend with is fractured consumer discovery. What I mean is, it used to be that when someone wanted to find a product or service, they just used a search engine (and most of them used Google!). Now shoppers have so many tools at their disposal competing for their attention, including search, social, and marketplace. You need to be everywhere to influence your existing and prospective customers. It sometimes feels like an insurmountable challenge.

Here’s another trend: Shoppers trust each other more than they trust you. So even if you do manage to be “everywhere” with advertising and marketing, shoppers may not believe you. After all, customer’s trust user-generated reviews 12x more than branded content — and 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

In other words, you not only need to be everywhere, you need your customers’ great reviews of your brands and products to be everywhere.

This is where ResellerRatings comes in. When we design products, we’re always asking ourselves some key things:

  1. How do we connect our clients to their customers more closely?
  2. How can we leverage customers’ stories, and make it easy for them to use those stories to build our clients’ brands?
  3. How can we showcase amazing reviews, stories, photos, and content to the rest of the world in a way that is easy for consumers and impactful for brands?
  4. How do we help brands leverage that great content to continue to build advocacy and loyalty?

Our answer: build a suite of tools that addresses all these issues, and develop a product roadmap that will meet the changes coming down the pike.

Last year we introduced Product Reviews, one of the most comprehensive product review solution in the market (and integrating it with our seller ratings in one platform, to boot).

This fall, we’re expanding our capabilities again. We’re so excited that we couldn’t keep quiet and wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come in September:

Introducing the ResellerRatings Experience Suite (RX Suite).  It’s a whole new platform from end-to-end, with powerful new capabilities that will help you leverage your best customers to tell your story — supercharging how your customer find you, why they choose you, and helping them be loyal advocates in their own right.  We’ll be releasing details of our new capabilities in September, but here’s a sneak peek:

  • Visual Marketing for ResellerRatings allows your customers to upload images to their stories about your brand, connecting those customer with you and with each other in a more impactful way than ever. Social proof is even more effective when it’s visual — when someone is raving about a dress, let’s see a picture of them in that dress. As they wax poetic about their new kitchen mixer, let’s see what they made with it. These images, in conjunction with the words and stories your customers tell about your brand and products, will be the best marketing you could ever get. And it’s all driven by machine learning that organizes everything.
  • Q&A Functionality: On product pages, people want to be able to ask questions (e.g. — how big is it, does it run big or small, and/or how long does it last?) The ability to ask these questions makes them more likely to buy, as do the resulting answers and testimonials from your loyal customers, who are the real experts on your products. We’re giving social control back to your own product pages to increase conversion to sale in a huge way. And we’re doing it while also building your digital content library of customer experiences.
  • Local Reviews: So many customers are checking out reviews on the go, and ResellerRatings powers foot traffic through search discovery engines. Our local, mobile approach to syndicating your ratings and reviews data into key search channels allows customers to find your store when they are near it. Moreover, you’ll be able to track what people are saying about your whole organization, and who the leaders and laggers are (by geographic region, state, districts and more).

ResellerRatings is now the only complete suite providing an end-to-end connected experience for a wide variety of organization — everything from B2B companies to SMBs (small-to-medium  business) retailers to Fortune 500 companies (like Target, Home Depot and more).

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the suite!  To learn more, you can reach out to us at to have someone talk to you.


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