How Product Reviews can increase consumer trust & fulfill expectations

Posted by Bradley Poole on June 20, 2017
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Topics: Product Reviews, Consumer Trust

Why brand & product reviews in search should be crucial to your strategy

Posted by Bradley Poole on May 8, 2017

For businesses with a limited advertising budget and quality products or services, optimizing consumer reviews on search engines can be a real gamechanger -- leading to more customers, higher sales, and more.  Brand and product reviews in search can also help you stay competitive with other businesses, too, all by showcasing what your existing customers have to say!

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7 Ways Consumer Ratings Will Increase Your Conversions

Posted by Nathan Oulman on April 20, 2017

It’s understandable why some online consumers find it difficult to pull the trigger on making a purchase. They don’t have the convenience of taking an item into a dressing room or asking the sales clerk about the product’s efficacy to remove a stain. They have to go based on some words and photos posted by the manufacturer, and hope that it arrives as advertised.

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Topics: Product Reviews, Consumer Ratings