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Announcing our new partnership with Pricefalls!

Posted by Bradley Poole on June 7, 2017

We’re really excited to announce a partnership we’ve had in the works for a while now with Pricefalls, an online marketplace that gives merchants the ability to gain additional revenue and customers. Pricefalls has more than 13 million products in more than 25 categories! They’re offering our merchants an exclusive incentive for signing up today.  

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How a ratings and reviews vendor can help win over first-time shoppers

Posted by Bradley Poole on May 15, 2017

Business leaders hoping to improve first-time shopper conversion may spend a lot of time focusing on improving usability, adding new shopping features, and the like. But one of the best ways to win over new consumers at this stage is through collecting and syndicating consumer ratings and reviews. Going at it alone can be difficult, as competition is fierce and those with the biggest marketing budgets can dominate search engine results and outperform rivals with massive advertising campaigns, which is why tapping a reviews vendor can be a very smart move.

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Why brand & product reviews in search should be crucial to your strategy

Posted by Bradley Poole on May 8, 2017

For businesses with a limited advertising budget and quality products or services, optimizing consumer reviews on search engines can be a real gamechanger -- leading to more customers, higher sales, and more.  Brand and product reviews in search can also help you stay competitive with other businesses, too, all by showcasing what your existing customers have to say!

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How Ratings and Reviews can boost Mother's Day & Memorial Day sales

Posted by Bradley Poole on May 1, 2017

Many business leaders are gearing up for the fast approaching May holiday season with campaigns for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. But if those plans don’t already include proactively collecting and syndicating customer ratings and reviews, now would be a great time to start as there’s still time to have a positive impact on sales.

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7 Ways Consumer Ratings Will Increase Your Conversions

Posted by Nathan Oulman on April 20, 2017

It’s understandable why some online consumers find it difficult to pull the trigger on making a purchase. They don’t have the convenience of taking an item into a dressing room or asking the sales clerk about the product’s efficacy to remove a stain. They have to go based on some words and photos posted by the manufacturer, and hope that it arrives as advertised.

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ResellerRatings Exciting Tech Updates

Posted by Bridget Gilbride on April 10, 2017

Spring is in the air, and we’re sprucing things up at ResellerRatings, with new technology updates to make it easier than ever to use ResellerRatings to collect, analyze, answer, and syndicate your customers’ ratings and reviews.

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How to Optimize Consumer Reviews in Search Results for Maximum Impact

Posted by Nishan Sothilingam on March 20, 2017

Research shows that customer reviews for brands and products drives conversion, boosts purchases, increases loyalty, and improves reputations -- assuming your customers are seeing a compelling review when searching online.

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Ho ho ho: New research shows ratings & reviews matter a lot!

Posted by Bradley Poole on November 29, 2016

Whether you like it or not, your customers are talking about your brand and your products online in the form of ratings and reviews.

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ForeSee helps myHermes increase review volume, lower CPC, & improve conversion (study)

Posted by Bradley Poole on November 1, 2016

Like many B2C companies, leading U.K.-based online parcel shipping service myHermes relies on customer ratings and reviews as a core component of its business strategy. A high volume of reviews can lead to increased consumer trust, better lead-to-sales conversion, and enhanced SEO/SEM efficiency. But managing a company’s reviews data can be difficult without the proper technology.

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ResellerRatings adds ‘product review’ management alongside brand reviews

Posted by Nishan Sothilingam on October 25, 2016

The ResellerRatings platform has always led the pack when it comes to managing brand reviews, and as of today we’re integrating the ability to collect, analyze, answer, and syndicate “product” reviews as well.

For us ratings and reviews geeks, this is extremely exciting news. Why? Well, it’s well-known that a high volume of reviews from verified users leads to increased visibility, elevated consumer trust, more efficient SEO/SEM, and higher star ratings, but using separate vendors for brand and product reviews can be a headache for you and for your customers -- who are getting more emails and requests.

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